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The day of delights in Kazan, let the whole world wait for you

Cinderella's fairy godmother said, “It's unhealthy not to go to the ball when you deserve it.” British scientists say it is very bad for your health and your state of mind to be torn between work and home. Running a marathon from place to place on of your vacation isn't good either.


Let yourself have a day dedicated to delights. A whole day of leisure, laziness and simple happiness. If these 24 hours are spent in Kazan, you will remember them forever. Mainly because the capital of Tatarstan combines unlimited opportunities for high society leisure, that is common for a big city, with the warmth of a small town, where everybody knows each other.


Soft snowflakes are slowly falling down behind the window or the tender summer sun is coming closer to its zenith, you are lying in your bed in a cozy hotel room excited for the day when your wishes come true, the day that will recharge you with energy and a good mood for a long time.

To set the right mood for your day, go to breakfast at the café-bakery Truffo. The pastel halls of the café, designed in Provence style, have a quiet, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Here, surrounded with quaint antiques, smelling the soft fragrance of a bakery, you start to understand what lártdevivre means – the art of life. An airy baguette with a thin, crisp crust, tender butter, spicy orange confiture, warm croissants that melt in your mouth, and a cup of a strong black coffee covered with a layer of thick cream, – let yourself have a French breakfast without thinking about your diet and calories.

After having a wonderful French breakfast, we are moving to the spa. In everyday chaos we quiet often forget about our body, and then we’re surprised that we feel bad, our eyes are not lit, and we look tired. Spa procedures can help you relax, make you feel better, recharge your youth and beauty. If you are going to have fun, then do it with excellence, and spa complex LUCIANO is waiting for you. This spa won the 2015 World Spa & Wellness Award - the Best Spa-Hotel in Eastern Europe.

Sauna  procedures that were compiled from all over the world will relax you completely, cleanse your body from toxins and fill you up with energy and the feeling of weightlessness. Massages will release your muscles from the blocks and knots, reset your micro-circulation and raise the tonicity of your body. Filled with ancient wisdom, Ayurveda rituals will ease the tension, harmonize your energy, and make your organs work better. Additionally, there are various wrappings, scrubs, masks for the hair, body, hands and legs. Choose whatever you want or get a spa-program that was thoughtfully made up by the center specialists.


Outdoor swimming pools

During the summer, you can exchange the spa procedures for outdoor relaxation. What could be better than lying on a sun lounger with a cocktail glass under the mild mid-latitude sun or swimming in an outdoor pool? Choose between a sportive Sviyaga Hills, luxurious Voda, or exceptional Dubai.

The time for health concerns has passed inconspicuously, now it’s time to think about lunch. The real “restaurant mile” of Kazan is located on the Kremlyovskaya embankment. A cozy home-style Italian La Famiglia, the hospitable Georgian Love Story, and the versatile eastern Bakhcha. It doesn't matter what restaurant you choose, you’ll get attentive service, real culinary delight, and a wonderful view of the Kazanka river.


The Snob

The Lounge-bar named the Snob, made in the British style, near the Kremlin wall has a fantastic bar menu. During the day this place attracts using its respectable design and marvelous dishes; at night people are coming to the bar for its relaxing atmosphere, fragrant hookah, and live music.

What kind of a delightful day would it be without shopping? It was scientifically proven that shopping helps to reduce stress and it’s almost as beneficial as sports. If this is true, you can definitely call Kazan the medicine from depression because it provides a big variety of opportunities for shopping.

In the Kazan malls MEGA, Park-House, Tandem, and Korston you can walk forever looking for a dress of your dreams or an ideal purse. Between the rows of famous and familiar brands you will notice some unknown names. Don’t pass them by. Svyatoy and Svyataya, Baby-Doll Shop, Chukcha, Together Wear, Sorokina – these Tatar brands are available not only in the republic. Everyone knows that items that are bought in the place where they were made have some special energy.


If you prefer hand-made items that were made by young designers, if you like the fun art atmosphere of markets, then you should go to the design-markets that are often held on the Kremlyovskaya embankment and in various big malls.


Open Space Market

Open Space Market works only four or five times per year, but every time it becomes a big event for city life. People are coming here not only to get some goods from armature designers from all over Russia, but also for the art environment, communication and good mood. Furthermore, the market offers lectures, master-classes, games, quests, photos and video projects.


Fashion D’L 

For haute couture, you need to visit the Fashion D’L, which has been helping citizens and tourists in Kazan maintain high fashion for 18 years.

The city is putting on a dress weaved out of the blazing sunset, ink-blue sky and night lights. It’s better to watch the mystery of the day changing into the night from a height. The Extra Lounge restaurant, that is located on the 25th floor of the Korston hotel, is an ideal place for it. People are coming here to find some exquisite delights: an unforgettable view of Kazan, simple but relaxing design, and fusion cuisine culinary masterpieces by chief Mozer Christopher.



Some time ago, a place near the Lyadskoy Garden was famous in Kazan for its parties. Nowadays, Marusovka is a bar and a restaurant in a living complex, that Maxim Gorky called “a strange and joyful slum”. The restaurant is comfortable for parents with children, romantic couples, and heavy clubbers. Live music, the surrounding nature, and amazing food help you to recharge after a busy day.

After a delicious dinner, it’s time for unbridled joy and bright emotions. Numerous clubs are already waiting for you. You can stay in Extra Lounge that turns into a venue with vibrant parties in the evening. Or you can go to The Legend or Ferz – the club “power” in the heart of Kazan. Every night, the best DJs in the city light up the dance floor. Famous DJs, invited from all over the world, play some crazy sets pumping the dancers with energy and drive. The powerful rhythms take people to the world of total bliss.

The sunrise is coming. The day of one hundred percent thrill has ended. Like we promised you, it will always be in your mind as “special”. Do you want the same thing? Then welcome to Tatarstan!


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