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Great Bolghar.Ancient civilization on the Volga.
Sviyazhsk island- town See the living history.
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Where is the entertainment at night? Where to go in the morning? Where to spend a couple of hours prior to the train or plane departure? You will not be asking yourself all these questions in Kazan. There are dozens of amazing places on our entertainment menu, from the well-kept parks to wild gardens, from traditional museums to unique complexes. Also, there are a large number of theaters and entertainment centers from which you may choose. At each of the tourist attractions, guests will be greeted by welcoming staff and you will get an answer to any question relating to the history of Kazan and Tatarstan.

  • Arsk
  • Aznakaevo
  • Kama Mouth
  • Kazan
  • Laishevo
  • Svijazhsk
  • Tchistopol
  • Tetyushi
  • Yelabuga
  • Bоlgar
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