Tatarstan —
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Great Bolghar.Ancient civilization on the Volga.
Sviyazhsk island- town See the living history.
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National parks

The Republic of Tatarstan is a region of vast forests, amazing parks, rivers and lakes. Here you feel the power and energy of nature. Tatarstan landscape is rich in coniferous and deciduous forests, where you can meet the inhabitants. The rivers are rich in fish, therefore attracting fishermen from all over the country. For outdoor enthusiasts, Tatarstan can offer deep caverns and icy lakes for diving.

  • Arsk
  • Aznakaevo
  • Kama Mouth
  • Kazan
  • Laishevo
  • Svijazhsk
  • Tchistopol
  • Tetyushi
  • Yelabuga
  • Bоlgar
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Volzhsko-Kamsky National Nature Biosphere Reserve

It is a unique nature reserve that was founded in 1960 to preserve and research the natural landscape...
Volzhsko-Kamsky National Nature Biosphere Reserve