100 Visit Tatarstan souvenirs to remember your journey to the land of 1001 delights

Socks featuring national patterns, badges with the Syuyumbike tower, felt Kukmor boots, suitcase covers and other souvenirs from the best Republic in the world

Author — Visit Tatarstan

The journey to Tatarstan, like all good things, will eventually come to an end. Those who fell in love with the land of 1001 delights will want to take away a part of it with them - in the honey covered chak-chak, the melt-in-your-mouth talkysh kaleve, ‘kazylyk’ horse meat or a bottle of Tatar ‘Bugulma’ balsam. But Visit Tatarstan offers to expand the usual gifts list and shares more than a hundred branded items with Tatar character that will surely appeal to loved ones and friends back home – so much that you might want to take two to keep one for yourself.

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