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The run-down of Kazan. Your guide to the city’s best jogging routes.

If you don’t want to put your fitness on hold during your travels, why not combine business with pleasure? Take a look at our round up of the best jogging routes with the best views of Kazan, parks and running groups of the city.

City Routes

If you’re burning calories after a hearty Tatar feast, might as well combine it with some sightseeing. We have put together 3, 5, 10 and 21 kilometre routes, which will take you around the Kazan Kremlin, the Kremlin Embankment, ‘Kazan’ Family Centre, Millennium Bridge, and Kazan Arena Stadium to name a few.

3 kilometres around the Kazan Kremlin

The perfect option for those who want to squeeze in a workout and see the main city sights. This route will take you around the Kremlin so you can see it from all sides, as well as make your way through a couple of central streets and Chernoye Ozero Park. Despite the short distance, the route will give you a good workout as it takes you over a few uphill sections and sets of stairs.

5 kilometres along the Kremlin Embankment

A smooth track, music along the way and an incredible view of the Kazanka River – all part of what makes this trail ideal for those who want a comfortable jogging route through the city centre. From the Kremlin Embankment you’ll see the Millennium Bridge, Kazan Arena Stadium and the ‘Kazan’ Family Centre. The only downside is the strong winds along the way, so be prepared to tackle the elements and dress for the weather.

10 kilometres with a view of the Kremlin

If you have already had a chance to explore the city centre, opt to take your run on the other side of the Kazanka River. This route offers panoramic views of the Kremlin, the National Cultural Centre and the Millennium Bridge, plus you’ll be able to take a closer look at the ‘Kazan’ Family Centre, Water Sports Palace, Kazan Arena Stadium and run along the famous Festival Boulevard.

21 kilometres along the city centre

For those with serious jogging plans during their stay in Kazan, we recommend checking out the longest route which features the most beautiful places in the city. The route will take you around the Kremlin and its Embankment, two bridges with stunning views of the city, the ‘Kazan’ Family Centre, Gorky Park and key sports sites. This is usually the track used for marathons, so this could also serve as a good way to train or even do a test run for the next upcoming one. This route is not easy: be prepared for a large amount of uphill sections and strong winds. But we are sure that you can do it. At the very least because the sports capital of Russia always inspires new achievements.

Jogging in Local Parks

If you prefer fresh air and dedicated jogging paths to the noisy city and asphalt, we recommend checking out the local parks. Almost every one of them also has special outdoor treadmills and workout equipment, toilets and cafes.

Gorky Park

The most popular park in the city centre attracts runners from all over Kazan, so you can always expect to meet like-minded people here. The park has special jogging tracks, benches, fitness equipment for strength training and several cafes. The dedicated track in the park is hilly with a distance of 2.5 km, so those who want a longer workout can do a few laps.

“Chernoye Ozero” Park

This park is perfect for short runs since the distance of one lap around the park is 1 km. A small, cozy park with a pond in the middle beautifully blends into the surrounding city centre and attracts local residents with its landscaped grounds and the opportunity to relax from the city hustle and bustle. The park has flat paths, warm-up areas and a cafe.

Gorkinsko-Ometevsky Forest

The area was beautified and open to the public in December 2016. Since then it has become one of the more favourite places for runners. There is a number of paths, clean air, illuminated paths and a cafe. The park is a while away from the city centre, but it can be easily reached by public transport. 

Uritsky Park

The park has been recently updated, and now it is in every sense a convenient place to workout. The rubber tracks were laid with runners in mind, and various outdoor fitness equipment installed to create every opportunity for a comfortable full body workout, avoiding any injuries. And after your workout, you can relax under the tree shade, feed the local ducks and take a walk along the beautiful pattern-decorated bridges.

Park DK Khimikov

Another large green area in Kazan, which is perfect for jogging. After its reconstruction, the tracks have been updated, and a sports area, cafe and parking have also been added in. The park has convenient markers along the routes indicating the length of the distance in each area.

Kazan Running Communities

Who else but the locals could tell you all about the best jogging places, show you around and keep you company during your workouts? The city has several active running groups, who would be happy to tell you about the best routes they like and arrange a tour of the capital of Tatarstan.

Parkrun Community

Parkrun is an international running movement, which means you can meet other guests of the city from other regions and countries during training. Club members gather every Saturday at 9am and do a 5 km run. Usually their route goes through Gorky Park, the area around the Kazan Arena Stadium or along the Kazan Fair to Lake Kaban. Participation is free, however you must register your attendance on their website.

Time To Run Community

This runners club organizes free workouts all week round in Gorky Park, Uritsky Park, around the Dubravnaya metro station or in a closed arena. Jogging takes place under the guidance of experienced coaches with an explanation of the rules of running. You can familiarize yourself with the detailed training schedule in their VKontakte group.

"Motor" Runners Club

This is one of the oldest running clubs which has existed since October 1997. The average age of participants is 64 years old, which makes this a prime opportunity to meet some highly unique people who like to stay in shape no matter their age. The club’s group training takes place in the Krylya Sovetov Park. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in their VKontakte group.


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