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Super tasty! A guide to Halal establishments in Kazan

In translation from Arabic, 'halal' means ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’, and this concept unites all spheres of Muslim life - from food and clothing to places of relaxation. These days, the term 'halal' is developing into a broader understanding and increasingly becoming synonymous with ‘high quality’, so much so that many now choose halal products, regardless of religion. Check out the useful guide we have put together about top halal establishments that combine traditions and modern trends of gastronomic culture.

Traditional Tatar Restaurant ‘Tugan Avylym’

One of the nicest Tatar establishments in the form of a village conveniently located in the heart of the city is the Tugan Avylym complex, which houses several restaurants. One of these serves a variety of 50 national cuisine dishes. Among these are the traditional Tatar soup with kullama horse, 'Mahabat' smoked duck salad, baked lamb, and delicious desserts such as gubadia, chak-chak, fried 'firewood' dough with icing sugar and kort – dried Tatar cottage cheese. The restaurant contains three halls: a small 70-person Tatar log cabin looking one decorated in classic green and raspberry colours which can be hired for events. The 'Ledok' room decorated in white and gold colours can be used for almost any event and have it easily fit with your given theme. And the third is a large hall with 200 seats, where banquets and special events are normally hosted.

Location: 14/56 Tufana Minnullina St

Meat Room Burger Bar

Meat Room is a small shop on the main street of the city. They promote themselves as a burger delivery service, hence why the inside decor can only be described as a "minimalistic loft" and even if you are dining in, your order will be served in takeaway packaging. Almost everything, except for the chicken burger, is made with beef patties and a combination of fillings: the 'Lesnik' burger comes with smoked cheese and berry sauce, the 'Mexican' contains jalapeno peppers, homemade salsa and chili, the Italian 'Celentano' is made with mozzarella, pesto and zucchini. There's a choice of just two sides: fries or wedges, and to quench your thirst, you have a choice of a chilled Coke or berry juice.

Location: 4 Universitetskaya St

KSTB Tatar-Food Cafe

The cafe creators decided to give the main Tatar dish – kystyby, a makeover. This is essentially a tortilla, traditionally with a mashed potato filling.

However KSTB offers over 20 types of fillings ranging from meat and fish to vegetables. For example, the 'Bik Zur' contains meat patties, potatoes, vegetables and pineapple, 'Kyzal' - chicken nuggets with a spicy sauce, lettuce and fresh vegetables, and 'Su Anasy' includes salmon with rice, fresh cucumber and teriyaki sauce. The menu also includes soups and dumplings, main dishes such as bulgur with turkey or Tatar-style cooked meat, and classic desserts like tiramisu and cheesecakes, fruit drinks and compote, mini echpochmak pies, wedges, and of course traditional Tatar baked goods. The cafe also takes large meat belish orders - each of these traditional pies weights around 1.5kg and is enough to feed 6 people.

Location: 23 Spartakovskaya St, 76 Prospekt Yamasheva

Itle Steak-Cafe

The first halal steakhouse in Russia, uses only locally produced beef for its dishes. The creators chose a “grunge loft” style for its interior design and made the decision to exclude shishas and alcohol from the menu. The compact menu of the steakhouse has a bit of everything: salads (such as Caesar, with steak, with feta, persimmon and beetroot, warm grilled salad with mushrooms, with mozzarella and plum), several classic soups, grilled steaks (lamb rack, ribeye, filet mignon, ossobuco), grilled vegetables and burgers with a national twist, as well as handmade sausages. Most dishes contain lamb, beef, chicken, turkey or duck, and it is always grilled in front of you so visitors can see their meal being made.

Location: 1 Meridiannaya St

Gourmet Coffee House

Despite being categorized as a coffee house, here you can not only drink a cup of Americano, but also have a hearty lunch. The main menu is European cuisine alongside 15 varieties of coffee. The menu contains salads, pastas, quesadillas, grilled fish, khachapuri, gyros, sandwiches and burgers, soups and light snacks. The coffee is brewed from several varieties of coffee beans - strong, soft, medium and elite, or decaf is also available. The cozy coffee house is great for family get-togethers and catching up with friends, and on weekdays you can take advantage of the lunch specials which shouldn't cost you more than 350 roubles. Another great option is to order a cup of hot coffee and some cookies, macarons or cakes to takeaway and take a walk around Lyadsky Garden, right across the road.

Location: 19 Mushtari St

Cafe Medina

Medina has long been loved by locals and tourists for its large menu selection and affordable prices. Modern, cozy dining areas of both locations of this cafe can be regularly spotted in Instagram feeds of the locals, while the home-style cooking gets the tick of approval by healthy eaters. The menu is inspired by dishes of six world cuisines: European, Tatar, Uzbek, Dungan, Kazakh and Chechen. There is a large selection of pizza, dolma, pilaf, kebabs, soups, national pastries and dumplings. The cabinet food here is mostly desserts - cakes, pastries, tarts and homemade pies.

Children are welcome here - the games area contains a ball pit and soft toys. And if you suddenly decide to have lunch from home, this cafe also delivers.

Location: 7 Tatarstan St, 12 Spartakovskaya St

KGB Burger Bar

KGB (short for Kulinar Guru Burgers, of course) has earned the love and respect of patrons due to the massive burger sizes, proven recipes and the thorough attention to quality - from the patties to their signature sauces. The menu features 12 burgers with fillings such as chicken, egg and blue pear, veal, cod, and even a Mexican style one in a tortilla. Apart from burgers, you can also order quesadillas, two variations of tom yum soup, salads, signature sauces and toppings. Each category offers several options for vegetarians too, such as falafel burgers, a vege doner kebab, or a cheeseburger with smoked cheese. We recommend getting your meal delivered, or, if you're dining here, come on a very empty stomach.

Location: 10 Krasnoy Pozicii St

Tubetey Restaurant

The first Tatar street food restaurant appeared due to the popularity of the company's street kiosks that popped up in the city, quickly gaining popularity among locals. The interior was designed to reflect Tatarstan's national identity while at the same time keeping it modern - the classic three-colour Tatar palette fits in nicely with the brick walls and counter, while Tatar music plays in the background. The restaurant’s menu is basically national dishes reinterpreted by the Tubetey chefs: kysty-burgers that come sweet, vegetarian or with meat or fish, soups, dumplings, salads and a snack in the form of small echpochmak-fries. Naturally, you will also find Tatar baked goods here - elesh, bekken and sweet gubadia. The restaurant operates using a cafeteria-style self-service system, and on the stands near the counter, take note of their souvenirs featuring national symbols which you might want to take back home.

Location: 21 Kremlevskaya St

Azu Cafe

Each location of this halal cafe is popular for groups big and small - whether it's a banquet or romantic date. The interior is done in an eastern style, and the menu offers fresh pastries, soups, a large assortment of meat and fish mains, salads and desserts. We recommend the pilaf, ‘altyn-balyk’ and a piece of fresh gubadia for dessert. The cafe has its own cakery, which is the reason there are always fresh cakes and pastries in the food cabinet. Their cakes and desserts can also be made to order, and the staff regularly host dessert making workshops for children and adults.

Location: 14 Gazovaya St, 52 Peterburgskaya St, 2 Chistopolskaya St


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