Photogenic Kazan. A guide around your not-so-typical winter locations.

1 november 2019
The Kazan Kremlin, Bauman Street, the Kremlin Embankment - all these attractions are probably already on your list of places to visit, but that is not all that the capital of Tatarstan has to offer. We list your not-so-typical places that will open up new sides of the city.

An ice-skating rink, graffiti and a giant Christmas tree toy in Chernoye Ozero Park 

Every year, Chernoye Ozero Park becomes a popular venue for festive entertainment: a Christmas tree, illuminated art and a large ice rink all appear here for the public to enjoy. Be sure to take magical photos in front of the Christmas lights and graffiti, and if it gets a bit chilly, head over to one of the local coffee shops for a hot drink. There are many illuminated art objects in the park, including a giant Christmas tree toy, so we suggest you experiment with the lighting and take some original shots for your Instagram.

Lake Kaban Embankment from the side of the Old Tatar Quarter

The unique facade and statues in the Alexandrov Passage 

If you happen to be a lover of classical architecture, take a walk along Kremlin Street and see if you can find this unique architectural monument of the 19th century. The Alexandrov Passage was built in 1883 and is decorated with rich elements in baroque and renaissance style. At that time, a house with technical innovations such as an elevator, electricity, air heating and telephones naturally aroused great interest among locals. Unfortunately, today it is impossible to go inside the building due to the restoration works being done, but you can admire the external facade that features stucco moulding, statues and a clock on the dome.

Stained-glass windows, stucco moulding and the spirit of creativity in Kazan Art College named after Feshin

One of the oldest educational institutions in Russia is an architectural monument which has been producing Tatarstan’s best and brightest artists for over 122 years. The building was built specifically with students in mind, so every detail inside it inspires creativity - large stained-glass windows, carved doors, and the stucco moulding and sculptures create a special kind of feeling here. Entrance is open to all, so we suggest taking the opportunity to see artists at work, smell the scent of fresh oil paints and potentially gather inspiration for your own creative projects.

The revamped "Kaleidoscope" Park for young tourists 

If you’re visiting Kazan with children and have already managed to visit all the main attractions of the city, we recommend a visit to the recently updated Kaleidoscope Park. The bright playground can be enjoyed by all, and if you brought your camera, be sure to take some beautiful photos with fairy tale characters, a colourful airplane or in the illuminated walkways. And even if it’s winter, the fun is still sure to continue with the decorated Christmas trees and fluffy snow. By the way, the park also has Wi-Fi, so you can send pictures of your fun day to friends and relatives on the spot.

The bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral

The remains of former luxury in the Makaryevskaya Church 

The church is located on the site of the former Admiralty Settlement and is a unique example of religious architecture of the baroque era. It was built in 1712, and over the entire period of its existence underwent a number of major reconstructions, and currently is being used for a totally unrelated purpose, operating as a pre-trial detention centre. But despite this, it has still retained a beautiful patterned masonry, arched windows and half-columns that are sure to catch your attention. In the near future, there are plans to completely restore the building to its previous glory and purpose, but for now, you can still capture and appreciate what remains of the facade.`

One of the most beautiful panoramas of Kazan 

The Epiphany Cathedral is hard to miss as you stroll along Bauman Street - the temple has been proudly towering over the local buildings for more than a century and impresses visitors with its unusual architecture. However, not all tourists know that the Cathedral has an observation deck with one of the most beautiful views in Kazan. From the top, you’ll see a view of the most important street of the city with its endless stream of people, the historical part of the city and of course, the Kazan Kremlin.


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