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Walk Like a Local. 5 Ways to Experience Kazan From the Inside

As a general rule, a trip to Kazan can be quickly reduced to a brief encounter with the city centre. But it is not necessary to limit yourself to walks around the Kremlin and the regions closest to it. In the capital of Tatarstan, many exciting adventures await, in addition to the popular tourist places such as the white-stone Spassky Tower, the majestic Kul Sharif Mosque and the busy Bauman Street. Let us help you uncover five itineraries that will show you Kazan in a new light — even if you’ve lived here for over a year

«Kazan Through The Eyes Of An Engineer»

The idea to conduct engineer-interest tours about the most recognizable buildings of the city belongs to a graduate of the Kazan State Architectural and Construction University - Ayrat Bagautdinov. Several years ago he opened a tour company in Moscow, and in 2017 - a branch in Kazan. Today, "Through The Eyes of an Engineer" is a popular project with a large selection of sightseeing tours, including bicycle and tramway tours.

Embark on a walking tour with the “Kazan Through The Eyes Of An Engineer” tour guides to see examples of wooden architecture, get acquainted with the works of architect Karl Mufke as well as modern architectural symbols of the city. You will be guided to Kazan mosques and told about the city outskirts and settlements, showing Kazan in all its glory through the diversity of its architectural styles.





Walking is the best way to get to know Kazan, so if you’re ready, head over to the “Nekazan” performance-walking tour.

Each participant is given headphones, so you can listen to a pre-recorded voice telling a story. The performances of the play will unfold in your imagination, and the city will turn into visual props along the way. The walking tour takes place in the evenings so that participants can feel the mysterious atmosphere of Kazan at night.

Up to 20 people can participate at the same time, and each group is accompanied by tour guide actors who help participants stay on route and become further engrossed into the plot of the story.

“Nekazan” is suitable for both tourist groups and solo travelers, and is a great way to meet new and interesting people.



A great alternative to your typical tour is the Farolero night city tour. The concept has already gained popularity in Barcelona, Paris, Venice and St Petersburg, and now Kazan has joined the ranks of this fascinating walking tour.

The tour is a theatrical performance surrounded by the evening lights of the thousand-year-old city. Your guide into the mysterious world will be a fairy-tale character – the lamplighter. For many years, he has been wandering around the world, collecting interesting stories and sharing them with people from city to city.

The lamplighter will conduct a tour full of musical numbers, riddles, stories, and share myths and legends of ancient Kazan. There will be some shadow theater and a chance to listen to a performance of a singer, who will perform an aria in the voice of Feodor Chaliapin.


Kazan Travel Box

Kazan is an ideal city for lovers: the dimly lit park avenues, cozy squares and ancient streets are great for exploring the city with a loved one. But to diversify your visit and have some fun, Kazan Travel Box is here to make your trip even more unforgettable.

Before you embark on your tour through the city streets, all participants are given a box. Inside you’ll find a guidebook, a map of Kazan, food for the ducks, felt tip pens and pencils, coupons for drinks and food, funny predictions or other surprises. All of these are necessary to complete the tasks that lie before you.

Participants of this quest will be able to learn the history of the city, get acquainted with the sights, discover new walking routes and have a snack at a local place. While the quest is run in Russian, the summer version can be booked in English too.


A Tour of Kazan from Instagram Blogger Sascha Grom

If you want to walk through the old Kazan courtyards right in the centre of the city, get acquainted with the real life of locals and take a few photos that convey the spirit of Kazan, get in touch with Sascha Grom. The Instagram blogger knows some of the most hidden courtyards, houses, and side streets of the city and is always happy to conduct a tour for guests of the capital.

By skipping the usual tourist routes, you will be able to see the city through the eyes of locals who experience Kazan not as a tourist on holiday, but as residents of a simple and cozy city.




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