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Bright and early. Top breakfast spots in Kazan

During your trip, there’s no need to burden yourself with cooking your own breakfast - the local cafes and restaurants will be more than happy to take on this task for you. We list the best places around Kazan where you can try baked porridge with spices and pear, black pancakes, frittatas, how you can get breakfast for free and where to walk it off afterwards.

Fall in love with mornings at ‘Rannyaya Ptashka’

The cafe with the most morning-themed name (which means 'Early Bird' in Russian) gives away a free coffee to the first visitor of the day, every day. However, night owls can also rejoice since breakfast is served until 3:00pm. In addition to coffee, you can order porridge, omelette or bagels, as you people watch through the large windows of the coffee shop.

After breakfast, we recommend taking a look into Leninskiy Garden, which is a few steps away from the cafe. This is one of the oldest parks in the city - locals have been coming here since the second half of the 19th century. The main attractions of the garden are the Fountain of Love and a monument to outstanding chemist Alexander Butlerov.

Coffee - from 100 roubles
Rice porridge with cashew nuts - 160 roubles
Omelette with rocket, cheese and tomatoes - 180 roubles
Lox Bagel with salmon and cream cheese - 260 roubles

Location: 17 Astronomicheskaya St

Meet the first rays of sun at Cream Coffee

Breakfast is served here from 7am until noon, so feel free to stop by after arriving on an early morning flight. The menu includes fried eggs, omelette, porridge, syrniki cottage cheese pancakes, granola, pastries, cheese and vegetables all at affordable prices.

After a filling breakfast, we recommend taking a walk from the Bulak River to the recently renewed Embankment of Lake Kaban with an observation deck, a cascade of aquatic plants and a hydrotechnical CHECK playground.

Coffee - 89 roubles
Rice / oatmeal porridge - 80 roubles
Breakfast with chicken schnitzel - 180 roubles
Toast with salmon and avocado - 230 roubles
Raspberry pudding with syrniki cottage cheese pancakes - 190 roubles
Homemade yogurt with granola and mashed fruit of your choice: strawberries / mango / banana / blackberry - 110 roubles
Belgian waffles with banana and Nutella - 150 roubles

Location: 4a G Kamala St

Try all 8 types of breakfast at Truffo

Although it may sometimes seem like it, Kazan doesn't live solely off echpochmaks, and as proof, here is one place where you can diversify your diet with a French, English or Mediterranean breakfast. Truffo offers eight different types of breakfast including healthy options, alongside freshly brewed coffee.

This is a great place to start the day especially for those who love museums, the Musa Dzhalil Museum-Apartment, State Museum of Fine Arts, the Boratynsky Museum and Vasily Aksenov's House Museum are all literally around the corner.

Mediterranean breakfast combo - 450 roubles
English breakfast combo - 420 roubles
French breakfast combo - 420 roubles

Location: 19/8 Gorky St

Experience Italian hospitality at Basilico

The Italian pizzeria restaurant opens its doors at 8:00am every morning and offers 3 types of breakfast which include a free drink. If breakfast happens to smoothly flow into lunchtime, then you'll be able to try the pizza and pasta from the head chef who is originally from Naples. The decor will really help you get immersed in the Italian atmosphere among which there are elements inspired by some of the best institutions of Rome, Milan and Venice.

An Italian breakfast can be arranged on the busy Bauman Street or in the relaxed atmosphere on Musina Street near Tatneft Arena and the 'Kazan' Family Centre.

Toast with grilled chicken, granola and a drink — 210 roubles
Rice porridge with jam, pancake with chocolate topping and a drink — 140 roubles
Fried eggs, toast with smoked salmon and a drink — 280 roubles
Omelette with broccoli and chickpeas, a cheese and tomato sandwich and a drink — 240 roubles


38/17 Bauman St

1 Musina St

Get energized at cafe ‘Les’ before a long walk through the forest

If you want to start the day with a walk through the Gorkinsko-Ometevsky Forest, be sure to drop by the local cafe for breakfast. Every day they make porridge, pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes and coffee, and the wait time is around just 5 minutes. All dishes are served in takeaway containers and jars, so you can easily have an impromptu morning picnic out in the fresh air.

Be sure to fill up in the morning if you plan on taking a walk in the park afterwards - almost every step of the way in this forest, you'll find unusual art installations and great photo opportunities or perhaps you'll come across a local event, so be sure to stock up on energy for an active day.

Pancakes - 30 roubles
Your choice of topping (jam, condensed milk, sour cream) - 20 roubles
Syrniki cottage cheese pancakes - 80 roubles
Espresso - 70 roubles
Americano - 90 roubles

Location: 69 Prospekt Pobedy

Try the Pan-asian breakfasts at OmNomNom

A breakfast menu that's a little bit different can be found in this Pan-asian cafe. Here you can order baked porridge with spices and pear, frittata with tomatoes and feta, or an omelette with vegetables, avocado and ham. However the classic breakfast foods are also available - porridge, cottage cheese pancakes and sandwiches.

The cafe is located on Bauman Street, so after breakfast you can immediately start your day of sightseeing around the main attractions of the city centre.

Baked porridge with spices and pear - 150 roubles
Omelette with vegetables, avocado and ham - 240 roubles
Frittata with tomatoes and feta - 190 roubles

Location: 82 Bauman St


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