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From the infinite skies to underwater depths. Tatarstan for outdoor enthusiasts.

For The Cold-Blooded

While some might enjoy the infinite skies, others prefer the underwater depths. Not far from Kazan, you can dive in a surprisingly beautiful place – the “Goluboye Ozero” (“Blue Lake”). The depth here is 18 metres and the fact that the water never freezes, makes it a great place for extreme sports all year round. Diving into the lake is unusual even in summer, because the water temperature in it fluctuates from 3 to 7 degrees no matter the time of year.

While for diving, wetsuits are required and can only be done with a qualified instructor, if you just want to go for a swim here, you can do this any time.

For Beginner Adrenaline Seekers

One of the most basic types of outdoor activities is testing your climbing skills at a ropes course. In Kazan, you’ll find three rope courses - in the Gorkinsko-Ometevsky forest, the FUN 24 entertainment complex, and at Gorky Park. At each one, you will be given a safety harness, safety briefing and instructions or support as you go through the route. If you’re feeling particularly brave, put yourself into the shoes of a circus acrobat and opt to ride a tricycle on the ropes, or make your way through the shaky rope ladders and pirate nets.

For Lovers of the Sun & Water


an extreme sport that combines elements of water sports, acrobatics and jumps.

Wakeboarding is a great way to cool off in summer. In the ProVoda wakepark situated on Lebyazhye Lake in Kazan, you can rent all the necessary equipment and test your wakeboarding skills in short 10 minute sets. If you are more experienced, you can purchase an entry ticket for the entire day. Intensive training courses are also available here which includes three days of theory and practice for both beginner and advanced wakeboarders.

There is also another wakepark located near the city beach in Almetyevsk. It is equipped with the latest technology, so it’s open even in winter. Wakeboarding in winter is recommended for a true adrenaline seeker, as it is considered even more extreme than snowboarding.

For Those Who Want Everything All At Once

Visit the "Sviyazhskye Holmy” (“Sviyazhsk Hills”) - an all-season resort town with a view of the Sviyazhsk island-town and a beautiful coniferous forest, located in the Verkhneyslonsk region near Sviyaga River. Come here for skiing or snowboarding in winter or a game of golf in summer. All equipment is available for hire, and you can even take advantage of expert instructors who will teach you everything you need to know. Children are also welcome here – activities range from sliding down the snow slopes, to hanging out in the children’s play area. In short, "Sviyazhskye Holmy” is a great place for a long weekend. On the territory of the resort town, there are numerous hotels of various room configurations, cozy alpine houses, restaurants, cafes, and a wellness centre.

For Animal Lovers

At the Kazan Horse Race Track, you can book a time to learn to ride a horse in a one-time lesson with an instructor, or enroll in the equestrian school. After just one horse ride, it is impossible not to fall in love with these majestic animals - their beautiful manes and graceful step. From May to October, you can also come watch the races which take place every Friday at 1:00pm.

In addition, the Republic’s Martial Arts Club “Batyrkhan”, the “Enigma” Soccer Arena and the “Genghis Khan” Sports Club operate on the territory of the Kazan Horse Race Track. The latter offers visitors three paintball playgrounds: two fields with standard inflatable shelters and one with wooden houses, pillboxes and real cars.

For The Fearless

Speed and adrenaline are out of bounds on city roads, but not on the “Kazan Ring” race track. On the circuit here, you can test the race track using your own, or a “local” car during special track days. The scheduled calendar of events of the race track includes karting championships, auto and motorcycle races of different levels and SUV entertainment competitions. The circuit is a place where not only professionals, but also beginners can try their hand at feeling like a true racer.

For The Simple Romantics

Conquer the skies of Tatarstan by skydiving or take a scenic flight at the Central Aero Club of the Republic. You have a choice of two airfields: “Kurkachi” and “Baltasi” – 35 km and 100 km outside of Kazan, respectively.

At the “Kurkachi” airfield you can fly on a Yak-52 and go skydiving from a height of 900 metres alone or accompanied by a professional instructor. Be careful though - they say the rush of free falling can become addictive. Alternatively at the “Baltasi” aerodrome, you have the option of flying in a glider. On both sites you can check into a hotel and enjoy a nice picnic after a long day.


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