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The world on a plate. The best places to try foreign cuisine in Kazan.

It is no accident that Tatarstan happens to be the best region for gastronomic tourism in Russia: only here you will find all nightlife venues located on one street, or see Japanese, European and Georgian cuisines served side-by-side in one restaurant. We have prepared an extensive list of Kazan establishments where you can take a trip around the world right here in the Tatarstan capital.

Georgian Cuisine


This restaurant chain with locations all over Russia is rightfully considered the best place for two Georgian cuisine staples - Adjarian khachapuri (a cheesy bread boat with an egg yolk on top) and khinkali (large Georgian dumplings). The interior of all four Kazan establishments is devoid of excessive glamour, however the presentation of dishes here is of fine-dining level. Pace yourself when ordering though, because the chefs say that just one khachapuri here can fill you up.

Location: 53a Dostoyevskogo St; 14 Universitetskaya St; 43/2 Chernyshevskogo St; 13 Chistopolskaya St

Love Story

Love Story restaurant place great emphasis on seasonal products in their menu, but they also serve year-round favourites such as different types of cheesy Georgian khachapuri bread, kharcho soup, khinkali dumplings and shashlik meat kebabs. These dishes, while common, come with the head chef's own twist and are magnificently complemented by a view of the fabulous Kremlin Embankment through the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the two-story establishment. On Sundays, the restaurant hosts a family-friendly brunch featuring freshly made seasonal dishes.

Location: 66/1 Fedoseevskaya St 

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stops — «Central Stadium», «ul. Baturina»; Metro Station «Kremlevskaya»


One of the most ambient places of Georgian cuisine in the city is located in the courtyard of the Old Tatar Quarter. Only key dishes of Georgian cuisine are on the menu - kharcho soup, ojahuri meat and potatoes, chakhokhbili chicken stew, kebabs, pita bread and cheesy khachapuri bread, desserts, as well as classic Georgian wines - Khvanchkara, Tsinandali and Saperavi. Live music can be heard throughout the halls of the restaurant, in summer you can dine on the veranda, and in winter, try different types of young cheeses in the former merchant premises. After a hearty dinner, you can even treat the horses and goats that inhibit the courtyard with some delicious carrot.

Location: 3 Kayuma Nasyri St


Do not let the name in honour of the Georgian artist mislead you: the art inside the restaurant is not the sole reason you should visit Pirosmani. The restaurant serves large portions of hot Georgian dishes and the average bill is relatively low - around 1,000 roubles. The menu includes kupat sausages, meat kebabs, cheesy khachapuri bread, seven types of khinkali dumplings, dolma in grape leaves, meat and cheese baked in pots, and you can eat all this as you listen to the Georgian tunes in the background.

Location: 53А Tatarstan St

European Cuisine


This cafe-bakery opposite Lyadsky Garden serves French cuisine: from Nicoise salad and the famous Bouillabaisse fish soup (also called Marseille’s soup), to steamed rabbit and duck cutlets with a honey crust. Be sure to try the croissants with an almond filling and their decadent desserts such as the shortcake tart with strawberries and pistachios, eclairs and handmade chocolates with a pink champagne and raspberry filling. A pleasant addition to your visit will be the fact that the elegant interior design allows you to take the perfect photo from any table. 

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stop — «ul. Gogolya»

Location: 19/8 Gorky St

Virid Yard

The European restaurant focuses on traditional Italian and French dishes, and offers a little taste of Pan-asia. All this gastronomic diversity is located among 1960s America-inspired decor: emerald-chocolate shades combined with art objects, a square column in the form of a chessboard, copies of paintings by famous artists and two busts at the entrance. Everyone will find something to their liking here - whether it is risotto, pasta, carpaccio, steaks or grilled seafood.

Location: 59 Volkova St

World Cuisines' Gallery

The name of this complex speaks for itself - this is where you can try five types of cuisine[M1] . The "Milan" restaurant embodies European sophistication in its decor and bold flavours, starting with the grilled squid salad and ending with pasta and risotto. The other four places inside the complex serve steaks and burgers, make authentic wood-fired oven pizza, brew fragrant coffee in the French coffee shop and roll sushi. Come over to the World Cuisines' Gallery where a gastronomic journey in at least a dozen countries awaits.

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stops — «ul. Tolstogo»

Location: 43 Butlerova St


The traditional Belgian menu of this brasserie was created with the help of Belgian and French chefs, which includes rabbit, homemade pates, onion soup and Belgian waffles. A total of 34 beers are available on tap – 30 constant favourites and 4 that change every month. Be sure to come in for a beer during your visit, even if it’s just to check out the place that served up 20 thousand litres of the foamy drink to locals and tourists during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Location: 11 Pushkin St

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stop — «Ploshchad Tukaya»; Metro Station «Ploshchad Tukaya» 

Steaks and Burgers

Top Hop

The Top Hop craft beer bar is a must-visit spot for those who appreciate a good burger and beer. Top Hop currently serves 39 craft beers on tap and 250 types of bottled beer that come from breweries of Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, USA, and Russia. Fish and seafood served here is sourced from the Far East, while the smoked meat (goose, duck, dried horse meat) is sourced locally from Tatarstan farmers. We recommend ordering any one of the seven burgers, among which is the “Borsch Burger” with beetroot relish, “Indie Burger” with farm-bred turkey and “Black Burger” with cherry caviar and cuttlefish ink.

Location: 36 Bauman St, 2 Meridiannaya St  

Big Butcher Grill

This bar & grill prepares steaks on an open fire and most of them are served with a side dish, such as bean salsa and coleslaw. Diners have a choice of ‘Cowboy’, ‘T-bone’, and ‘Butcher’s Special’ steaks, salads, meat sandwiches and side dishes. As for the beverages, we recommend choosing any one of the strong classics from the drinks menu. Almost all dishes are prepared in front of diners in the open kitchen, which has become one of Big Butcher Grill's key drawcards.

Location: 54/1 Pushkin St

Priyut Kholostyaka 

While the restaurant does serve up a lot of grilled meats, they do not specialize exclusively in steaks - the menu also offers a variety of dishes such as sushi and sashimi, pasta with seafood, pelmeni dumplings and borsch. We recommend trying the Filet Mignon with steamed vegetables or with sous vide potatoes and spinach.

Location: 27а Chernyshevskogo St

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stops — «ul. Levo-Bulachnaya», «ul. Chernyshevsky»


Kombinat first opened in an area dominated by halal Tatar eateries. However inside the 40 square metre location, they manage to serve six types of burgers, three types of breakfast and bottle craft beer. You can also order the biggest and most Instagrammable overshakes in the city here, which are almost impossible to drink, but make for a nice photo prop.

Location: 57 Moskovskaya St

29 Avtozavodskiy Pereulok

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stop — «KDK KAMAZ»

Pan-asian cuisine


OmNomNom is possibly the most famous Pan-asian restaurant in Kazan since it opened in 2014 right on Bauman Street. The recently updated menu features their signature sushi, dim sums, woks, bao burgers made with steamed buns, tom yum soup and a whole lot more. We recommend trying the King Tom Yum due to its original presentation: the soup broth is brought out to the middle of the table in a heated saucepan to keep it hot, and ingredients you can add to create your own bowl of soup are arranged on plates around it. You can end your meal with some Vietnamese coffee or a hot cup of Chinese tea, which is also sold here and can be bought by weight.

Location: 82 Bauman St

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stops — «Ploshchad Tukaya», «Kombinat Zdorovye»; Metro Station «Ploshchad Tukaya»


The famous restaurant Leto (which means ‘summer’ in Russian) in Gorky Park has undergone many modifications and has changed owners numerous times. However, in 2018, a famous Moscow hospitality company took the restaurant under its wing and gave it a Pan-asian flavour. The interior contains exquisite simplicity – it is spacious, the walls are covered in decorative moss and a large summer veranda is open during the warmer months that overlooks the lush green park. The menu includes sushi and dim sums which are served in bamboo steamers, as well as ramen and woks. In addition, there is also a European menu with burgers, pasta and grilled steaks.

Location: 5 Nikolaya Ershova St


In 2018, Vietnam-inspired cuisine began to dominate Kazan's typical eateries so much so that a new place would open almost every month. One of the most memorable places with Vietnamese pho bo and mango milkshakes is Cho (which means ‘market’ in Vietnamese). Here, Vietnamese chefs prepare classic pho soups with chicken or beef, deep-fry vegetable and meat spring rolls, and cook meat, seafood and vegetables in woks. A bright yellow-blue interior has already attracted many Instagram bloggers, and an apart-hotel recently opened one floor above, where guests are always welcome.

Location: 15а Zhukovskogo St


This is a small Chinese eatery where the owner and cook are immigrants from Beijing. Nihao has three rooms: one has wooden tables, the second seats 20-25 people at a round table with a spinning lazy susan in the middle and the third room is designed for 10 people. The menu includes 116 intriguing items such as ‘Phoenix Claws’, oxtails in red wine, pork stomachs with cucumbers, fried pork intestines, fried carp, gong bao chicken, pickled cucumbers and fried peanuts to name a few. For those less daring, the eatery also serves noodles, fried tofu, fried cauliflower, stewed eggplant, fried sour spicy potatoes and a range of other vegetarian dishes. Each order is served with a free teapot of black or green tea, and when ordering, you can ask for your dish to be served to the spiciness level of your liking.

Location: 52 Pushkin St

Mediterranean Cuisine


This restaurant serves up popular Mediterranean dishes, the bulk of which are fish, seafood, vegetables and cheeses. We recommend trying the tuna tartare with lemon cream, escalivade with cheese and spiced butter or mussels Mariniere. The menu also contains salads with cheese and fish, home-made pasta made with Italian flour (which can be served with sea bass, salmon, vongole, crayfish or veal) and grilled fish. The drinks menu offers wines from all around the world as well as champagne and bubbly.

Pirs is located in a two-story building on the Kremlin Embankment - the main hall and summer terrace are on the roof, while the wine cellar and kitchen are on the ground floor. Pirs aims to create a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, and being here, it is easy to believe they are doing just that - especially once you see off a beautiful sunset on the Kazanka River while you dine.

The restaurant is suitable for both banquet dinners and intimate romantic dates. The menu is primarily made up of seafood dishes, and as for the wine - you will always find a nice bottle here, or two. 

Location: 1 Fedoseevskaya St


The menu here contains a traditional set of Mediterranean dishes alongside steaks and chicken, Italian salad with rocket and mushrooms, fish soup, veal soup, ‘La Roma’ pasta, grilled scallops, seafood risotto with cuttlefish ink and various desserts. The walls inside feature dreamy seascapes, while the large dining hall overlooks Bauman Street with its large windows. All this, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the great American writer, but is definitely consistent with the Mediterranean concept.
Location: 36 Bauman St

Camorra Pizza

You have to be quick at this St Petersburg chain - the menu changes very often (for example, a totally new ‘Weekend Pizza’ is added to the menu weekly), however you can always trust that the pizza will be amazing due to their successful flavour combinations of ingredients and thin pizza crusts. Here you can find pizza with roast beef and rocket, pumpkin and goat cheese, sausage and spicy sauce, anchovies, artichokes and potatoes. There are six types of beer on tap, and dozens of bottled drinks such as cider, lagers and soft drinks.
Location: 5 Kavi Najmi St

Utka v Kotelke

The Utka v Kotelke (which means ‘Duck in a Pot’ in Russian) restaurant located opposite Chernoye Ozero Park serves European, Russian and Mediterranean dishes. In the 40-seat restaurant, you can choose to dine at one of the tables near the velvet-draped windows or alternatively take a seat at the stone-counter bar. Almost every evening, you’ll find live music – be it classical or jazz, being played by a pianist behind the white piano or other musicians in the middle of the dining hall. If you find yourself here, we recommend trying the baked camembert appetizer, for main choose the Peking duck, smoked African catfish, or Marseille fish soup with dorado, salmon and a ‘sea cocktail’, and make sure you leave room for sorbet for dessert.
Location: 13 Dzherzhinskogo St


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