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To see Kazan and not go broke. How to relax inexpensively in the capital of Tatarstan.

Some hold the belief that in order to have a comfortable stay in a new city, you need a lot of cash. Experienced travelers will know that no matter what city you’re in, there are always eateries out there that are both affordable and tasty, and you can easily go sightseeing and get engrained in the local culture without spending a dime. We have put together a small list of the many ways of how to have a great time in Kazan without spending even 1,000 roubles.

Try masterpieces of Tatar cuisine for next to nothing

If you find yourself in Tatarstan, there is no way you can leave without trying the staples of Tatar cuisine such as chak-chak and echpochmak pies. Here are some of the many places in Kazan that offer high-quality and tasty dishes at almost cost price.

A new interpretation of Tatar dishes in KSTB Tatar-Food

This fast food restaurant laid the foundation for a modern concept of Tatar street food. The main item on the menu is kystyby – traditionally a mashed potato filling wrapped in a Tatar pancake. Here however, you will find over 20 variations of the popular Tatar dish with fillings such as meat, chicken or vegetables. The menu also includes soups, salads, mains, desserts and for the younger guests, a children's menu is also available on request.

Kystyby - from 69 roubles

Triangle pies - from 45 roubles

Drinks - from 39 roubles

Soups - from 69 roubles

Combo sets - from 139 roubles


23 Spartakovskaya St

76 Prospekt Yamasheva

National Street Food at Tubetey 

This is another place that combines its loyalty to traditional Tatar cuisine with tribute to modern trends. Do not let the name mislead you - the traditional Tatar Tubeteyka headpieces are not sold here, but the Tatar dishes you can find here are very filling. Plus, you can try the Tatar cuisine from Tubetey not only in the cafe, but even during one of your strolls through the city as their street kiosks will too provide you with a hearty lunch and a hot drink in minutes.

Triangle pies - from 42 roubles

Chak-chak - from 29 roubles

Kystyby - from 60 roubles

Gubadia - from 39 roubles

Breakfast - from 130 roubles

Lunch specials - from 169 roubles


140 Krasnokokshayskaya St

13 Bauman St

35 Kremlevskaya St

1 Tatarstan St

Gorky Park (Kazan CPKiO)

1A Minskaya St

Local Sweets at the Chak-Chak Cafe

In a small cafe on the main street of Kazan, choose from Russian or Tatar cuisine for a bite to eat and, of course, try the main national dessert - chak-chak. The cafe owners promise that their food is tasty and waiting times are minimal. The cafe’s interior creates a pleasant atmosphere, great for get togethers with friends and family or simply to take a breather in between your Tatarstan experiences. And after lunch, take a couple more boxes of chak-chak for later and take a stroll to the Kazan Kremlin, Millennium Square and the Embankment, which are all located nearby.

Pastries and Baked goods - from 35 roubles

Hot mains - from 120 roubles

Location: 7/10 Bauman St 

'Azu' - Tatar Cuisine Cafe

In this hospitable cafe, you will be served the best national dishes and, help with organizing a banquet if you are in need of an event venue. The cafe has 3 banquet rooms, a children's area, a large parking lot and, of course, a large selection of Russian and Tatar dishes.

Triangle pies - from 30 roubles

Kystyby - from 44 roubles

Gubadia - from 55 roubles

Brewed tea - from 85 roubles



2 Chistopolskaya St

14 Gazovaya St

52 Peterburgskaya St

Mix business with pleasure during your time in Tatarstan

Not only sights, but also interesting events and new acquaintances will have a huge impact on the special memories you take away from a new city. There are several places in Kazan that will invigorate you with new ideas and help you find new friends.

Coffee get-togethers at Ziferblat

Come to this space to take a break from all the walking, have a tea or coffee - for free, catch up on emails, meet some good people and do pretty much anything else that the space allows. Every week you can catch one of the many events that go on here - non-alcoholic parties, concerts, lectures or master classes. It's all included and all you need to do is simply pay for the time you're there. Plus, you can also get free minutes for helping out - for example, washing dishes.

The cost is 2.5 roubles per minute in the first hour, 2 roubles per minute in the second hour and 1 rouble per minute in all following hours. After the fifth hour, time becomes free. Children under 5 stay for free, and children aged between 5 and 10 years old are charged half price.


14 Universitetskaya St

47 Shhapova St 

Modern coworking at 'Shtab' 

The residence of creative industries is located in the former building of a garment factory and hosts creative people of various professions. Every week there are free lectures, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and theatre projects that familiarize locals and tourists with the culture of the city. Apart from this, the space also contains a coffee shop which serves its own signature drinks, a bookstore and a coworking space which costs 250 roubles per day if you wish to work from there.

Location: 20 Tatarstan St

‘Smena’ Centre for Contemporary Culture 

The centre of contemporary culture regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions, lectures by influential individuals of science and art, international film festival screenings, concerts and major city festivals. Entrance to many events is free, so we recommend checking out the event schedule in advance to catch an event here while you’re in the city. At Smena you will also find a coffee shop and a large bookstore of modern literature.

Location: 7 Burkhana Shakhidi St

“Alafuzov’s Factory” Loft and Coworking

One of the more uniquely located spaces of Kazan can be found at an abandoned factory built in the early 18th century which happens to be the main hub of independent artists, musicians and underground culture. For a small entrance fee, you can visit one of the numerous creative showcases, exhibitions, festivals and the main parties of the city that are hosted here.

Location: 55 Gladilova St

Fun for the Whole Family

In order to please all your family members at once, you don’t have to spend your entire budget on expensive attractions or entertainment centres. There are many places in Kazan where you can have a great time with your whole family on a budget, or in some cases - for free.

Kremlin Embankment

The Embankment is located near the walls of the Kazan Kremlin, which is ideal for family walks and memorable photo shoots. All family members will find something of interest, since free events, festivals and holidays are held here almost daily. Every week, children can attend culinary and art workshops, listen to fairy tales at literary evenings, or simply play on the unique playgrounds. Adults may enjoy activities such as dancing in the open air, or painting at one of the art workshops.

Location: 1 Fedoseevskaya St

Gorky Park

Right near the city centre, Gorky Park is the perfect place for a leisurely walk with the whole family. All year round, free cultural, entertainment and sporting events, folk festivals and themed holidays are held here. The park is also worth visiting to see the colourful music fountain in the form of a chessboard, feed the squirrels and play on the modern and safe playgrounds.

Location: Nikolaya Ershova St

Gorkinsko-Ometevsky Forest

Kazan locals claim this as one of their most favourite parks, because here you can stroll through a real forest without leaving the city, take photos with beautiful art pieces and attend organized events that are fun for the whole family. Children can join in with the local eco-club for a tour of the micro-world surrounding them, learn to draw, sculpt and cook at the regularly held workshops, and in winter go down the icy slides again and again - and all this is absolutely free.

Location: 69 Prospekt Pobedy

Cultural Sightseeing

Among the endless waves of master classes, new acquaintances, cheap echpochmaks and long strolls, make sure you carve out some time to explore the world of the past which is just as interesting. We list our top suggestions that will help to do just that for next to nothing.

Kazan Kremlin

You can always walk around the main sights of Kazan for free, but the museums of the Kazan Kremlin are open for free access only on 22nd January, 18th April and 18th May. Admission is also free on 1st September for all first graders, from 1st – 10th October for all pensioners, and on 30th November for mothers with children. And, of course, at all other times, there are discounts for students, school-children and pensioners.

Hazine National Art Gallery

Marvel at one of the largest art collections in Russia for free on the first Tuesday of every month. The gallery showcases foreign and Russian art of the 13th - 21st centuries, including works by I. K. Aivazovsky, I. E. Repin, I. I. Shishkin, V. A. Serov, I. E. Grabar, V. V. Kandinsky and many other prominent artists.

Location: Hazine Museum Complex, Kazan Kremlin (3rd entrance, 12 Sheynkmana Proezd)

National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

Explore unique cultural monuments of the Volga and Ural regions for free on the first Wednesday of the month. Admission is always free for children under 16 years old.  

Location: 2 Kremlevskaya St

Vasily Aksenov's House Museum 

The museum which was once the home of the writer is free to visit any day of the year. Also, film screenings, creative meetings and concerts that are hosted here usually charge a small entrance fee, unless it’s free. 

Location: 55/31 Karla Marksa St 

House Museum of the Arbuzov Academicians 

You can find out how the famous Kazan chemists Alexander Yerminingeldovich and Boris Alexandrovich Arbuzov lived, for free any time of year. This house is considered a memorial museum, since authentic household items, furniture, photographs, documents, scientific papers and even trees that were planted by the Arbuzovs themselves were carefully preserved in the house.

Location: 8 Katanovsky Pereulok

Exhibit-Museum of Military Equipment in Park Pobedy

The open air exposition is open to the public, free of charge any time of year where you can admire the tanks, howitzers, planes and helicopters.

Location: 5 Bondarenko St

Adventure Travel

Stay in shape after the hearty Tatar cuisine feasts by taking advantage of free fitness classes, cycling and other fun exercise options.

Train with ‘Green Fitness’

During the warmer months, free sporting events open to all are held all around Kazan. The fitness program is designed for adults and children with any level of physical training, so you can join in at any time.

The fitness program schedule and venues can be found on their website at 

Ropes Course Adventure Sports

Ropes courses are both an excellent and affordable outdoor activity. Prices for these start at 200 roubles, however getting a kick out of the experience and overcoming your fears comes free of charge. There are ropes courses at Gorky Park, Gorkinsko-Ometevsky Forest, Lebyazhye Lake and the FUN24 Entertainment Centre.


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