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Head on upstream. A guide to water entertainment in Kazan

A cruise on the water is a great opportunity to see Kazan from a new angle, take a break from the omnipresent city noise and take dozens of beautiful photos. Rental kiosks make it super easy to explore lakes and rivers on pedal boats, motorboats and even old Russian style shallops. We list all the ways you can relax on the water in Kazan this summer.

Embankment of Lower Lake Kaban

After a leisurely stroll along the renovated promenade, hop on a tour around Lake Kaban. On the lakeshore from the side of the Old Tatar Quarter there are dozens of pedal boats (white and in the form of cars), a boat in the form of a swan and a wooden shallop with a sail. You can ride the latter only with an experienced guide, and during your sail, they will share the legends and history of Lake Kaban in your choice of Russian, English or Tatar.

Price List:

4-seater pedal boat - 650 roubles/hour, 400 roubles/30 minutes

2-seater pedal boat (+ a child under 4 years old) - 550 roubles/hour, 350 roubles/30 minutes

3-seater boat - 500 roubles/hour, 300 roubles/30 minutes

5-seater boat - 550 roubles/hour, 350 roubles/30 minutes

Guided tour - 500 roubles/hour, 300 roubles/30 minutes (free for children under 5 years old, 50% discount applies to children up to 14 years old)

4-seater catamaran in the form of a car - 900 roubles/hour, 550 roubles/30 minutes

Opening hours: Open at all times

Contacts: +7 (927) 681-43-80, +7 (927) 240-02-04

Golubye Ozera 

The Kazanka River Tour starts at the Riviera Hotel Complex and ends at Golubye Ozera. The tour duration is 5 hours, four of which will be spent getting there, and another hour to stop, rest and swim in the cold, crystal clear water. Transport is organized by way of two motorboats designed for seven and eight people respectively which depart from Riviera twice daily at 9:00am and 03:00pm, unless there are water transport restrictions due to a city event that day. During the tour, you can go fishing, fly a kite or take photos. You must book in advance, as the tour only runs when all spots have been filled. 

Price: 11,000 roubles for eight people

Contacts: +7 (917) 295-63-60, +7 (950) 947-37-13

River Port 

The Kazan River Port offers a mini-cruise along the Volga on the ‘Pavel Mironov’ cruise ship. You can choose from 3 daily cruises that run at the following times: 12:00pm to 02:00pm, 03:00pm to 6:00pm and 7:00pm to 10:00pm. During the evening cruise, there is an on board disco that you can dance at, and do not forget to bring cash with you as you cannot pay with card for tickets or goods for purchase on the boat.

Price List: 

12:00pm - 450 roubles/adults, 225 roubles/children 

03:00pm - 550 roubles/adults, 275 roubles/children 

07:00pm - 650 roubles/adults, 325 roubles/children 

Contacts: +7 (843) 233-08-08, +7 (843) 233-08-18

Lokomotiv Beach

The local Yacht Club offers a unique opportunity to spend a whole night on a snow-white yacht. How you spend your time is up to you - you can host a small party, spend time with family or plan a romantic dinner. Six people can be on board at any one time, and the yacht has everything you need to spend a comfortable night including a shower, galley and a bed with crisp linen. Do note: the yacht will be docked at the pier throughout the duration.

Price: A night on a yacht (from 11:00pm to 7:00am) - from 7,000 roubles.

Contacts: +7 (917) 295-63-60, +7 (950) 947-37-13

Kazanka Harbour

A tour of the main city river will take between 40 (where you will stay in the harbor and see the Lenin Dam and Millennium Bridge) to 90 minutes (with a cruise out to the Kirov Dam). Since the passenger numbers are relatively intimate, the route of the trip may be customized to fit in with the planned city attractions you will see on the way including the ‘Kazan’ Family Centre, Temple of the Holy Image of the Saviour, the Circus, Kremlin, Farmers Palace, Kremlin Embankment, Kazan National Cultural Centre, Millennium Bridge and Kazan Arena. The tours are carried out on two river boat with awnings: one fits up to seven people, and the second - up to 25. Warm rugs can be provided during evening cruises.

Price: 500 roubles/40 minutes, 700 roubles/1.5 hours, 250 roubles for children

Phone for information: +7 (917) 295-63-60, +7 (950) 947-37-13

The ‘Kazan’ Family Centre Bay

At the rental centre near the ‘Kazan’ Family Centre, visitors can rent a pedal boat and ride it to their heart’s content – even if it’s from dusk till dawn. Passengers are given life vests, and warm blankets on colder days.

Price List:

4-seater pedal boat - 650 roubles/hour, 400 roubles/30 minutes

2-seater pedal boat (+ a child under 4 years old) - 550 roubles/hour, 350 roubles/30 minutes

5-seater boat - 550 roubles/hour, 350 roubles/30 minutes

Work time: Open at all times

Contacts: +7 (927) 681-43-80, +7 (927) 240-02-04

Lake in Park Pobedy

Hide from the big city noise at Park Pobedy Lake. Here you can take a ride on one of the 12 pedal boats under the watchful eye of lifeguards or try your hand at rowing. The rental station is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm, unless the weather is cloudy or stormy.

Price List:

5-seater pedal boat with two spaces for children - 300 roubles/30 minutes

Electric pedal boat - 400 roubles/30 minutes

3-seater boat - 250 roubles/30 minutes

Prices and conditions subject to change without notice. Please check all information with the providers prior to traveling on these routes including but not limited to weather conditions, availability of equipment and excursion personnel. 


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