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Chernoye Ozero

The park is located in the historical and business centre of the city, near the Kazan Kremlin and University. In the eastern part there is a garden, the main entrance to which is through the romantic "lovers arch". It has an elliptical shape that gives it an interesting acoustic effect: if two people walk up to the opposite sides of the arch and whisper into the arch corners, they hear each other perfectly on either side. Most often, lovers pronounce their love for eachother, hence the name. The park often hosts festivals and concerts on the white-wash wooden flooring in the centre of the park, and city dwellers like to come here for picnics. There are two street food cafes with a snow-white pergola and a large playground. Jogging here has also become a popular way of working out right in the centre of the city. Next to the park, you’ll find various pastry and coffee shops, the Murgasovskiy house and the "City Panorama" offering virtual walks around the city.

Historical reference

Many legends are associated with the name of the lake. According to one of them, the lake was called "Chernoye" ("Black" in Russian) because of the black swans who like to live here. It is known that at the end of the 19th century, the park was one of the most beloved places of Kazan especially in the evenings when live music would attract the locals here.

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