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Lyadsky Garden

If you’re looking for the Lyadsky Garden, you’ll know you’re there once you see the monument to Gavrila Derzhavin, which is located at the entrance from the side of Gorky Street. In 2015, the garden was restored - it now features asphalt roads, comfortable benches, a fountain featuring a sculpture of a girl, and a sculpture of a kind grandmother Anyani ("ebiki" from Tatar "әби" - grandmother) - by sculptor Venera Abdullina. Right in the middle of the park is the "Marusovka" restaurant with one of the most popular summer verandas in the city, and across the road from the garden, you can check out the French bakery and restaurant Truffo for coffee and fresh croissants.

Historical reference

The history of the park began in the 18th century. In 1798, Emperor Paul I stayed in the one-story manor of Major-General Alexei Letsky. In gratitude for the hospitality of the General, Paul I ordered to call the nearby street in his honour (presently this street is called Gorky Street). The General, alongside his estate, organized a garden by planting trees and installing three powerful 600-candle arc lamps that would be lit at night, and also, to commemorate the opening of the first water pipe in Kazan, a small fountain in the form of a bronze sculpture of a girl with a pitcher in her hands. The garden named after Letsky became a place of leisure of Kazan’s high society, where social parties were regularly held. Over time, the name "Letsky" was distorted to "Lyadskiy" and "Lyadsky" – and the latter stuck until present day.


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