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Monument Cat Kazan

The Kazan Cat regularly appears on lists of the most interesting and unusual monuments of Russia. Its place is in the centre of Kazan, on the pedestrian Bauman street. It is a sculptural and architectural composition three metres high in the form of a well-fed cat lying on a couch with a mouse, under a tent roof.

Historical reference

The history of the Kazan Cat begins with the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Based on historical legends, it is widely known that the Russian Empress learned that there are no mice in Kazan. The fact is that in those days, the cats of Kazan were excellent mice hunters of a special breed - strong, active, with a large head, a muscular neck and a short tail. By the highest order made on October 13, 1745, 30 Kazan cats were transported to St Petersburg to catch mice that had proliferated in the unfinished Winter Palace (also known as modern day "Hermitage" Museum). Given their bestowed new role, the cats did their job, having saved the palace from harmful rodents.


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