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Vladimir Ulyanov Monument

The monument to Lenin as a university student is located in the centre of the semicircular platform in front of the main building of the Kazan Federal University. Back in the 1960s, students nicknamed this place the "frying pan", and the name stuck. Every day students and lecturers come here to take a break on the benches between classes, as the statue of Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov) - as a young student stands overlooking the site with his head thrown back, his jacket fluttering in the wind, and his right hand clutching a book.

Historical reference

The monument’s project by architect Vladimir Tsigal was created by the honored TASSR art master - sculptor Sadri Akhun. Back in 1946, the Komsomol members started to collect money for the creation of the monument which at that time was an estimated 1,558,230 roubles – in their first three days they managed to raise 7,000 roubles. The plan was for the Leningrad factory of artistic casting to cast the bronze figure, and the granite for the pedestal was to be sent by the youth of Sverdlovsk. In October 1954, the 3.23 metre sculpture arrived in Kazan, and on November 23, 1954, the monument was erected.



How to get there

How to get there: Nearest Bus Stops — «University», «Ploschad Svobody»


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