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Monument to Fallen Soldiers (during the taking of Kazan)

A monument to the soldiers who fell during the capture of Kazan stands on the Kazanka river from the side of the Kirovsky district of the city. It was built by order of Emperor Alexander I under the guidance of St Petersburg architect Nikolai Alferov. The temple-monument is clearly visible from the railway bridge next to it, and is currently undergoing restoration. A small embankment with a bridge has already been built, allowing visitors to approach the temple from the Kirov dam, connecting the centre of Kazan with the Kirovsky district. Inside the monument, where divine services are held, a church-tomb was opened in honour of folk hero Ilya Muromets.

Historical reference

In 1552, Ivan the Terrible ordered the founding of a monastery in the name of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the site of the mass grave of soldiers who died during the seige of the city. Due to frequent flooding, the temple was later moved to a more elevated site – the Zilantowa Mountain. The idea to create a monument-obelisk at the burial site arose much later. The monument in the form of a 20 metre truncated pyramid was laid on June 29, 1813, but the construction dragged on for almost 10 years. Every year, on October 2, services were held in the temple. In Soviet times it was closed down. According to legend, underground passages connect the memorial temple with the Kremlin. It is likely that there was such a passage - there is evidence that allegedly, it was personally examined by Emperor Nicholas I, who visited Kazan in 1836.


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