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Bauman Street

The main pedestrian street of Kazan starts at the foot of the Kazan Kremlin and ends at the "Ploshchad Tukaya" ("Tukay Square") metro station. The architectural appearance of the street is formed by the buildings of 17th-20th centuries. Some of these include the House of Press in the form of an open book or the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral. The unique historical flavour is given by unusual sculptures you’ll find along the way – a replica of the carriage of Catherine II, fountains with pigeons, the Arabic street clock, a monument to Feodor Chaliapin and many others. The most striking landmarks of the street are the Bogoyavlensky and Nikolsky Cathedrals and the St John the Baptist monastery.

Historical reference

Bauman Street has been a famous street since the middle of the 16th century. Prior to the capture of Kazan by the troops of Ivan the Terrible, it was called the Nogai Road. The troops that seized the city named it "Bolshaya Prolomnaya" (the ‘Great Breakthrough’). It was only in 1930 when Bauman Street received its current name in memory of the famous Kazan-born revolutionary. Over the centuries, it formed itself to be the main shopping street of the city - merchants would bring their goods by way of Bulak River, which had numerous piers and trade stalls. And in 1986, the street became a pedestrian one.

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