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Molostov Manor

In the estate of the Molostov landlords in the historical and architectural natural park "Dolgaya Polyana" in the Tetyushsky district, you can get acquainted with the history of the clan and hear old tales based on poems of the past hostess, visit the peasants’ hut, learn the secrets of weaving and other forgotten crafts, enjoy wonderful views of the forest and the Volga, and visit a huge glade, which, as local residents claim, never gets mowed as for many centuries, the grass never grows past its unusually short height. Local residents believe that the anomalous zone of the mysterious glade has positive energy. Another special part of the estate is the larch alley, where the trees are over 400 hundred years old. The Bolgar Khans used to come here a long time ago and stayed in their tents for several days to rest and recharge among the scenic nature.


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