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Asia Asia

Dubai-based Solutions Leisure Group's Asia Asia restaraunt breaks into international waters with its first outpost in Kazan, Russia. Located in the all-new Kazan Palace, the multi-award-winning exquisite creation of oriental fusion boasts tradition-meets-new age luxury, inviting guests on an exotic, adventurous culinary journey through pan-Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

A truly immersive experience for the senses, Asia Asia’s immersive interior and decor captures the opulent, rich culture of the far-east continent from your arrival. Greeted
with the aroma of lemongrass and white Jasmin incense and the soft chime of temple bells fills the air, guests are transported to South East Asia, surrounded by beautiful,
internationally-sourced antiques, artefacts and collectables, hand-picked from around the globe. Complete with terracotta warriors guarding the entrance, and Cherry Blossom Asia Asia draws its inspiration from the Ancient Spice Route. An unparalleled pan-Asian
restaurant and bar, blending the best of oriental fusion, Asia Asia takes its inspiration from the ancient travelled Spice Route, with exotic flavours focused on the use of
aromatic, fresh and authentic ingredients, creating beautifully presented modern edge takes on traditional favourites, including Wagyu Tartare, Blow Torched Salmon and Beef Bao Bun.


Free Parking, wi-fi, cashless payment, DJ sets from Wednesday to Saturday, live music & animators on Friday and Saturday

How to get there

The nearest stop is the metro station “Sukonnaya Sloboda”


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