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Tatarskaya Usadba

"Tatarskaya Usadba" ("The Tatar Manor") is located in the historical heart of Kazan – the Old Tatar Quarter on the bank of the legendary Lake Kaban. There’s no better place to try the dishes of Tatar cuisine than in the very centre of Tatar culture within one of the many dining rooms of the restaurant. If the weather permits, do not miss the opportunity to dine on the balcony verandah, which faces the lake, and looks especially magical with its illumination at night. The dishes here are prepared in the old traditional way - baked in a wood-fired oven which makes the meat dishes especially juicy and fragrant. The menu of the restaurant isn’t just limited to Tatar dishes - guests can also order something more familiar from the wide range of available western cuisine. The chefs that work at "Tatarskaya Usadba" are winners of federal competitions, and regularly cook for official government delegations from all around the world. The restaurant is only part of the complex. The site also contains souvenir shops where you can buy embroidered ichigi and calfaki - national shoes and headwear. Behind the restaurant is the pedestrian street of Kayum Nasyri, where each house is considered to be a historical and architectural monument.


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