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Externally, the kiosks look like traditional Tatar "tubeteyka" headpieces. Everything here is imbued with the culture of Tatarstan - from recipes to plates, and even the traditional dress "uniforms" of the workers. The menu consists solely of halal national Tatar cuisine, and most of it is baked goods. Among them are echpochmak, elesh, peremyach, sweet gubadia, kystyby, chak-chak and another national dessert - bavirsak. The menu is periodically updated. Some of the recent additions that can be found here are a healthy version of a triangle pie, elesh with a wheat and beef filling, as well as kystyby with millet. As with any fast food chains, there are combo sets including kids meal combos with a small toy. All dishes are served in beautiful disposable tableware decorated with Tatar patterns and verses from the work of Gabdulla Tukay in different languages.


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