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Outdoor Recreation

Dolgaya Polyana

The Dolgaya Polyana ("Long Glade") lies on the slope of the so-called Tetyushsky Mountains. An estate of the ancient race of the Molostvoviyes with a manor and a larch-tree alley has been preserved here. Even the Khans of the ancient Bolgars came to these lands to enjoy the silence and picturesque views. Stories about the healing powers of Dolgaya Polyana were passed down through generations over many centuries. Today visitors come here to rest, take a walk and recharge through the energy of this amazing place. The main attraction is the "bare glade", the greenery of which, according to local residents, over many centuries, has never overgrown. No one can fully explain this phenomenon to this day. As an experiment, trees have been plated on these mysterious meadows many times, but none ever manage to get accustomed to the new planting place, and always fail to grow.


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