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Outdoor Recreation

Golubye Ozera

This reserve contains wooded and swampy territories, as well as an arrangement of three unconnected lakes. The bottom of the reservoirs is covered with a layer of salty, blue-coloured mud, which gave these lakes its name: Golubye Ozera ("Blue Lakes" in Russian). The water temperature here at any time of the year is around 4-6° C. The reservoirs feed solely from underground sources. When you look at the clear water, it seems that the lake is very shallow, but do not be fooled - the depth of the lake is about 3 metres, and in places with sinkholes or cenotes, it can get up to 6-18 metres deep. People come here to enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory, workout in the fresh air or even go diving.

Historical reference

The well-known Apanaev family of merchants built a cereal plant in these parts. The water-powered mill was situated right by the lake, and the hydroelectric power station produced power until the 1950s. The place was abandoned when the Volga water levels rose. Since 1994, the reservoirs are state protected.

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