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Outdoor Recreation

Tatar Avyli

The ethnographic open-air museum "Tatar Avyli", is a re-creation of the work and life of a typical medieval Tatar village giving visitors a chance to transport themselves into the past. Prepare to marvel at the full scale examples of wooden architecture, check out crafts of the indigenous people, and taste dishes of national Tatar cuisine. The exhibition complex is built in the form of typical Tatar village houses and farm buildings and show the difference in living between peasants, craftsmen and merchants. Inside you will find tools, household utensils and furniture of the 15th-19th centuries. For children, the museum has opened up a petting zoo where among other birds and animals, they can see the ostrich, look at the peacocks, ride a horse, pony or donkey. Every year, mass cultural events take place on the territory of the museum such as the "Uynagyz, Garmunnar" ("Play, Accordion" in Tatar) festival, horse races, folk arts and crafts and agricultural product fairs, and other games and contests.


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