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Anti-alcohol Museum “Samogon” (Moonshine)

The only museum of its kind in Russia will open up your eyes to an old national culture. Here you’ll find the prototype of the very first moonshine drink, Peter’s penalty cup (the large cup of alcohol which Peter the Great would make whoever was late to a meeting drink), helmets, special equipment, weapons from the First World War. The museum also has 11 themed photo zones, over 1,500 exhibits, a huge collection of shot glasses, wine glasses and bottles of different eras. Experienced guides can tell you where the typical sayings and traditions related to drinking alcohol come from, as well as how the culture of making moonshine has been intertwined with the history of the country for a long time. And be sure to stay until the end where everyone is given a chance to enjoy a tasting of elite varieties of moonshine.

How to get there

Nearest Metro Station — «Ploshchad Tukaya»


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