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V. I. Lenin House Museum

The State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Lenino-Kokushkino" appeared in the village in 2003. On an area of 7.6 hectares, there is a two-story estate of A.D. Blanca (Vladimir Lenin's grandfather), a summer house, farm buildings, a park with trees, ornamental shrubs and a birch grove. Vladimir Lenin spent not only his childhood years, but also his first exile here in this estate. Back then, the young Lenin spent his summer holidays here, playing with his brothers and sisters. Later, in his youth, he participated in a protest against the University charter, for which he was exiled to Kokushkino for several months. During his exile in the village, Lenin spent his time reading books and university courses, and it was here where his interest in philosophy, political economy and the economy of peasant farming initially arose. His mother Maria Ulyanova also lived here, whose room has been preserved in its original form to this day. The museum showcases 677 exhibits that reflect the life of Lenin during his time in this village - paintings, sculptures, personal furniture, documents and books.

How to get there

Follow the Mamadyshskiy Trakt Highway for 43 kilometres from Kazan


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