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Ethnographic Museum of Kazan Federal University

The KFU Ethnographic Museum grew from a small office of strange items in 1815 to the point where collections from various expeditions would be specifically delivered there. With the 1884 opening of the Department of Geography and Ethnography, the museum began to collect anthropological collections dedicated to the peoples of Africa, Australia, North and South America. Today, on display at the museum, visitors can view the symbol of authority of the leader of an Australian tribe, elements of a tomb from a burial complex in Peru, the Buddhist Samsara wheel of rebirth, traditional clothing of an Altai shaman, a pilgrim’s staff in the holy city of Mecca and other fascinating finds. Make sure to book in a tour as they are all conducted by ethnologists involved in theoretical and applied research.



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Nearest Bus Stops — «University», «Kremlevskaya»


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