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‘Anna Karenina’ Immersive Show

The production takes place in the mansion of merchant Demidov and each of the rooms becomes a location of a separate plot twist. The immersive-ness of the performance lies in the fact that the audience become direct participants, experiencing all the interactions with the characters. You can go to Anna Karenina's room or dine with Vronsky to witness a story that perhaps remains unknown to everyone else. Spectators are invited to become involved in the detailed world of the novel, where the interior, atmosphere and even fragrances tell the whole story of the main characters. The cast involves 50 actors, almost all of whom (except for the leading woman) live and work in Kazan. This play became the first immersive production in the world based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy. The total duration of the show can be anywhere up to 3 hours, so be prepared to walk and stand almost the entire show.


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