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Pasternak Memorial Museum

The museum is located in the building which happens to be a monument of history and architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is this exact house where the writer Boris Pasternak lived during the Great Patriotic War. Since those early war years, almost nothing has changed in the external and internal appearance of the house so you can be sure to experience the same environment that the writer was once immersed in. Inside the apartment there are various objects of that era: for example a kerosene lamp and an old loudspeaker. In Boris Pasternak’s room you’ll see a bookcase, bed, couch and a picture on the wall titled "Children running from the rain". Be sure to not miss the writer’s personal belongings laid out on the desk here too.

Historical reference

The memorial museum of Boris Pasternak was opened in Chistopol in 1990 in honor of the writer's 100th birthday. This is the first state museum dedicated to Pasternak in Russia. In Chistopol, the poet created the most famous, which went on to become the classic, Russian translation of "Romeo and Juliet". And, it was around here where he met the inspirations behind the characters of his infamous "Doctor Zhivago".

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