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Civial War Museum

The exposition in a wooden two-story house near the Church of Saints Constantine and Helena showcases the story about the most significant participants in the events of the Civil War of 1917-1922. The museum houses a large collection of documents, books, objects and newsreels of that time. Visitors will have a chance to see many fascinating historical documents and items, including the layout of the same railway station which Trotsky passed through, and topographic maps of military operations.

Historical reference

Based on recollections of locals, in 1918, the headquarters of the fifth Red Army was located in the museum building, where Leon Trotsky, chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Soviet Republic, stayed during his trips. In August-September 1918, Sviyazhsk and its surrounding territories proved to be a strategic point of the first stage of the Civil War in Russia. On this strategic frontier, opening the way to Moscow, the opposing forces met – the whites (parts of the People's Army, and the Czechoslovak Regiment), occupied Kazan, and the opposing reds on the right bank of the Volga near Sviyazhsk station. The two sides battled for an entire month between Kazan and Sviyazhsk that culminated in a Red Army victory.

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