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District Town Museum (Chistopol)

The museum is located in an architectural monument - a late 19th century merchant's mansion. The museum houses a large-scale collection of exhibits from archeological, paleontological, biological and botanical collections. Among these you will find Bolgar armour found in 1921, an amazingly beautiful ancient spherocone incense vessel, and one of the richest collections of ancient animal remains - mammoths, bisons and rhinos. One of the more popular collections is the written sources of the museum which include documentational records from the end of the 17th century to the present day, hand-written and early printed books including the 1762 edition of "Lives of Saints", and an 1856 version of the "New Testament". Among its many treasures, this museum also contains letters, pages from diaries, photographs and personal documents of famous writers who evacuated to and lived in Chistopol during wartime.


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