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Soviet Lifestyle Museum

A unique place where every visitor can take a trip into the forgotten Soviet past. The Soviet Lifestyle Museum is located in an authentic Soviet "kommunalka" or in English, "communal apartment" with brick walls, old wiring and cast-iron wall heaters. Exhibitions here carry titles relevant to the museum: "USSR in Space", "Toys: Made in the USSR", "Bad Habits in the USSR", "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" and others. The museum’s main goal is to evoke a feeling of pleasant nostalgia and positive emotions among its visitors as they look through items of a bygone era. Exhibits are not chosen based on any particular special value (although among them, some are quite valuable and even rare); the most important thing here is the history and emotions that each item brings to visitors who may or may not have experienced the heyday of the not-so-distant-past era.


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