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Vladimir Bekhterev Museum of District Medicine

The only museum of its kind in Russia is located in one of the buildings of the county hospital, built in 1881 by merchant Alexander Baranov. The museum exposition takes visitors through the story of the formation of the concept of county medicinal aide in Russia (a new direction of medicine which catered to peasants living in villages after the outlaw of owning people as property was passed) and local doctors, including the famous psychiatrist Vladimir Bekhterev - a native of Sarali village in the Yelabuga district. The museum of county medicine has an interactive hall located in the former surgical operating theatre. When you’re there, notice the floor: the tiles have been fully preserved and what you see are the exact same tiles that were laid here back in 1881. To those really wanting to get into character, you can try on a doctor’s white coat, check your blood pressure, measure your height and weight, investigate bacteria under a microscope, and even participate in psychological testing. If hospitals aren’t your thing, you can check out the museum’s phyto-bar and try one of their medicinal drinks, or take a walk in the park where you will see a monument to Vladimir Bekhterev – the only one of this man in the entire country.


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