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Evgeny Zavoisky Lab-Museum

The Scientific and Technical Museum, named after experimental physicist Yevgeny Zavoisky, is located in Office № 246 of the main building of Kazan Federal University. This was once the laboratory of Zavoisky, and it was here in 1944, when the scientist discovered the method of electron paramagnetic resonance, which became one of the most important discoveries in 20th century physics. Today the museum’s collection contains over 5,000 physical devices, including an operating set up for measuring electron paramagnetic resonance and an ultrashort-wave generator on the Lecher line, on which Zavoisky investigated his method of grid currents. Other exhibits include a 1910 optical spectrometer, 1895 astatic galvanometer, 1900 Coulomb scales, 1910 Dolezalek electrometer, 1900 Faraday electric egg, 1893 Moissan’s oven, 1890 thermocouple, 1890 voltaic pile, 1990 galvanometer and much more.



How to get there

Nearest Bus Stops — «University (ul. Pushkina)», «ul. Kremlevskaya»


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