Tatar State Philharmonic Society

The Tatar State Philharmonic Society is the place people come to listen to folk instruments and piano music. Several groups operate out of here who perform works of national folklore and jazz. International and Russia-wide musical festivals are held here annually such as "Philhamoniada", "Narodnye Melodii" ("Folk Melodies") and "Dzhazovaya Kazan" ("Jazz Kazan").

Historical reference

During the Great Patriotic War, many philharmonic artists were drafted into the army. The remaining troupe who were left in Kazan performed over 1,700 concerts in hospitals and military units of the Republic, and 60 artists divided among 17 front brigades performed concert programs at various fronts. In 1946, the Tatar State Philharmonic Society was honoured for their great contribution to the development of the national musical culture, and in connection with the 60th anniversary of the birth of Gabdulla Tukay, were named in his honour.


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