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Tatar Sloboda

The Tatar Sloboda Museum is located in a building which was home to merchant Abdulvali Chukin in the 19th century, and later Yakub Agishev, a scholar-philologist, in the 20th century. There are several thematic spaces: the overview and interactive halls, the Oriental Club, the traditions of tea drinking hall and the Tatar Compound. With the help of the touch-panels throughout the museum you can learn about the life of the Kazan Tatars, their family way of life, everyday life and traditional clothing. The hall, dedicated to the traditions of Tatar tea drinking is decorated in the style of a village hut with a stove and a traditional samovar. Guests can treat themselves with tea and chak-chak, talkish-kaleve and other traditional Tatar cuisine dishes. For someone who wants to bring back an authentic piece of Tatarstan's history will be glad to know that most of the exhibits inside the display cases are for sale, such as the silver jewelry or old embroidered calfaks.


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