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Ekiyat Tatar Puppet Theatre

The new building of the theatre built in 2012 has already become one of the city's main attractions. With its stained-glass windows, white stone turrets and columns, it looks like a big fairytale castle. The theatre repertoire consists of over 50 performances, based on national tales of different countries around the world as well as modern works.

Historical reference

The Ekiyat Tatar State Puppet Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in Tatarstan, founded in 1934. The popular "Petrushka-oktyabrenok", "Red Petrushka", and "The Cat and Leshka" performances were played in Russian or Tatar - depending on the audience. Since 1974, the theatre is part of UNIMA - the International Organization of Puppet Theatres.

How to get there

Nearest Bus Stop — «Teatr Kukol»; Metro Station «Sukonnaya Sloboda»


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