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Kazan State Theatre of The Young Viewer

Kazan's Theatre of The Young Viewer has a rich past: the premiere of the first performance took place in 1932, and there are plenty of well-known names among past and present actors and directors in the history of the theatre. The high level of the troupe's skills has been long known to local residents, underlined by their countless prizes and awards. The Theatre of The Young Viewer is positioned in the centre of the city, not far from the pedestrian Bauman Street. The chamber-like environment is created by the small auditorium which fits 250 people. The repertoire consists of productions for children and adults based on the works of both Russian and foreign classics. In addition to performances, concerts and tight-knit acoustic performance gatherings are also sometimes held here.

How to get there

Nearest Bus Stops — «Pedagogical University», «Kombinat Zdorovye»; Metro Station «Ploshchad Tukaya»


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