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Childrens Railway

The children's railway, opened in 2007 alongside the Gorky Railway, is located by the forest on the outskirts of Kazan and covers an area of 6,000 square metres. The children's train "Raduga" ("Rainbow" in Russian) travels at a speed of 20 kilometres per hour along the 4,500 metre long railway, carrying up to 157 passengers at a time. The children's railway was created not only to entertainment children, but also for a full immersion into the profession of a train conductor. There is also a centre for pre-professional training for children: over 700 young "railway workers" go through the training every year, of which 100-120 children receive certificates of completion of the Children’s Railway Centre. Many of these children go on to continue their education in this career path, associating their life with the railways.


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