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Kazan University Planetarium named after Cosmonaut A. Leonov

The Kazan Federal University Planetarium is located on the territory of the Engelhardt Astronomical Observatory. The equipment contained within the facility allow you to not only see the Sun in fuller detail, but also take a look into other galaxies. The famous "star hall" of the planetarium with a dome ceiling transfers visitors into any part of the Earth in its past, present or future, lets you witness solar and lunar eclipses, observe the view of the starry sky from any point of the universe, and to imagine the place of the Sun in the Milky Way and the location of our galaxy relative to other planets and solar systems. On the territory of the planetarium there are a number of interactive museums. The tower of the observatory contains several telescopes: to observe deep space, to study the solar system as well as two solar telescopes. Students come here to also learn about astrophotography, and take photos of the sky for scientific research and further popularization of astronomy. Interactive tours are conducted in this hall regularly. The territory next to the observatory resembles a natural reserve with its beauty, surrounded by picturesque forests making a visit to this place truly unforgettable both inside and out.

Historical reference

In 1897, famous astronomer Vasily Engelhardt donated unique, at that time, astronomical equipment from his private observatory in Dresden to the Kazan Imperial University. The rector of the University and his long-time friend Dmitry Dubyago helped build the second observatory near Kazan. By decree of the Emperor, funds and land were allocated for its construction which began on March 7, 1899. The Astronomical Observatory of Kazan University was solemnly opened on September 21, 1901, and in 1903 it officially received the name of Engelgardt. August 22, 2011 a significant event occurred in the history of KFU: the laying of the first stone for the construction of a planetarium at the Astronomical Observatory named after Vasily Engelgardt. On June 23, 2013 the solemn opening of the planetarium was held – which, to date, is the only planetarium that is part of a University in Russia. The ceremony was attended by the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, the rector of KFU Ilshat Gafurov, the Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, and member of the KFU supervisory board Aleksey Lavrov and many other honoured guests.


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