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Apanaeva Mosque

The Apanaeva Mosque is a monument of federal significance and is an integral part of the charm of the Old Tatar Quarter . The modest baroque-style exterior does not give away its old age, and the interior appearance is strikingly pompous. The architect who created this beauty remains unknown.

Historical reference

In 1768-1771, the leaders of the Muslim community of Kazan obtained permission from Empress Catherine II to build two stone mosques in exchange for those that had been burned and destroyed. The first mosque is the famous Al-Mardjani, and the second one was built with the money of merchant Yakub ibn Sultangalia. From the 18th to the beginning of the 20th centuries the monument was in the care of the Apanaev family, from which it got its name, although it was also known by another name for some time - "Bajskaya". After the arrival of Soviet power, the mosque was closed down and only in 2011, after a complete restoration, the Apanaeva Mosque held its official opening.


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