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Nizhnekamsk Cathedral Mosque

The Nizhnekamsk Cathedral Mosque is the central Muslim temple in Nizhnekamsk. It serves as an entire cultural and educational complex: a centre of culture and history, a library, and even a hotel are all situated here. The mosque itself has a futuristic look to it, but it is not by chance: the architects tried to build a temple for the growing city of young locals.

Historical reference

The Central Cathedral Mosque of 1989-1996 was opened for the 30th anniversary of Nizhnekamsk. This was the first example of a multi-purpose mosque in Tatarstan. It is recognized as one of the highest in Russia: the height of the minarets is 66 metres. The total area of the mosque is 2,500 square metres, and the area of the main prayer hall is 900 square metres.

How to get there

Nearest Bus Stop — «Baki Urmanche»


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