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Blue Mosque (Golubaya Mechet)

Another Muslim monument with a 200 year-old history modestly stands within the Old Tatar Quarter . This mosque has two floors, a three-tiered octagonal minaret and pastel blue walls, hence the name: the Blue Mosque. Unfortunately, the name of the architect in charge of the project of this building of strict classical style remains unknown.

Historical reference

The mosque was built in 1815-1819 by the Kazan merchant Akhmet bin Iskhak bin Ait (Zamanov). In 1864, the Kazan merchant of the first guild Gabdelmannan Mustakimov, donated part of his own land, expanded the mosque towards the south and built a fence around it, all designed by architect Peter Romanov. In 1932, the mosque was closed down, the minaret was dismantled, and the building itself was used as communal apartments. The Blue Mosque was returned to the congregation in 1993, however the mosque was only restored to its original form by 2009.

How to get there

Nearest Bus Stops — «Ploshchad Yunusova», «ul. Tatarstan»


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