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Church of the Holy Trinity

The 450 year old wooden Church of the Holy Trinity has undergone a number of reconstructions during its time. In 2011 the monument was returned to its original form, and now the church looks almost the same as it did back in 1551. The interior has remained practically unchanged: the surprisingly strict beauty of the golden logs of the walls, wide floorboards, massive doors and wooden benches leaning against the walls of the refectory give the church a homely feel, which was potentially the initial idea of the architect. The decor of the Trinity Church is a very rare tetral four-level carved iconostasis, which contrasts with the extremely modest appearance of the church. It's unusual that the saints’ images are equipped with explanatory inscriptions in Latin; this inscriptions manner of writing is not typical for Russia. Images of Saints, some of which are unknown to traditional Russian believers as much as they are in the West, such as the "Penitent Thief Rakh" can be found here. Some of the ancient icons from the iconostasis of the Trinity Church are currently held in the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Historical reference

The church was built from logs from the thickest larch trees from the Uglich forest – the same materials used to build the city of Sviyazhsk by decree of Ivan the Terrible. In spring of 1551, the logs were cut down and then sent down Volga river, and the builders would catch them further down the river at the building site. Due to the fast currents and builders’ skill, the city was built in record time – four weeks, and the church was built in just one day. There is a legend that, long before the laying of the first stone on the island city, Sergius of Radonezh, the especially revered by Orthodox Christians Saint blessed this island for the Christian city. The temple was founded by Prince Serebryany and according to legend, Tsar Ivan the Terrible along with his commanders and heroes of later events, prayed in the Church of the Holy Trinity before the last battle against Kazan in 1552.

How to get there

Buses from Kazan to Sviyazhsk run on weekends from the central & Yuzhniy bus stations


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