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A Day in Bolgar

Get acquainted with the civilization of Volgs Bolgars, learn the art of bread making and take a ride on rollerblades or bicycles along the Kremlin embankment

  • 9 hours 6,8 km 9 objects
  • Genghis Khan 

    • 12:40 Обед
    • Bolgar, 3 Kul Gali St

    Grab some lunch at the multi-tiered restaurant inside the Museum of Bread overlooking the reserve and White Mosque.

  • Museum of Bread 

    • 14:00
    • Bolgar, 3а Kol Ghali St

    The reconstructed estate of a baker with operating mills, where you will be introduced to the traditional technologies of bread production.

  • White Mosque 

    • 14:30

    The Tatar ‘Taj Mahal’, covered in white marble and decorated with detailed carvings makes it seem as if it is floating in mid air.

  • Museum of Bolgar Civilization 

    • 15:00
    • Bolgar, Muhamedyara St

    The museum building which houses the still-functioning river station, features artifacts of the ancient civilization.

  • Pamyatnyy Znak (Commemorative Sign) to mark the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bolgars in 922 

    • 15:30
    • Bolgar, Muhamedyara St

    The stone building with a golden dome and stained glass windows houses the world’s largest printed Quran, available on display.

  • Cathedral Mosque Ruins 

    • 16:00
    • Bolgar, 67 Nazarovyh St

    The reconstructed Great Minaret, remains of massive walls and foundations of columns, which continue to be a sacred place for Muslims.

  • Laidoya 

    • 17:00
    • Bolgar, 9 Kol Ghali St

    Visit the bicep camels farm for landscape therapy, camel milk, the finest rugs and agro-tourism.

  • Kremlin Embankment 

    • 21:00
    • Kazan, 1 Fedoseevskaya St

    Hire bicycles, velomobiles or rollerblades, visit one of the many various cafes with something to offer everyone, ride the merry-go-round or take the kids to a children’s workshop.

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