A Day in Yelabuga

Get acquainted with merchant life and the life of the city’s brightest personalities, make a wish at the stone tower, and take an evening walk through Gorky Park in Kazan

  • 8 hours 7,6 km 7 objects
  • The Traktir Theatre Museum 

    • 13:00
    • Yelabuga, 26 Kazanskaya St

    Try 19th century Russian cuisine dishes in the restaurant-museum-theater, located in the building of a former merchant’s store.

  • Marina Tsvetayeva's House Museum 

    • 14:00
    • Yelabuga, 20 Malaya Pokrovskaya St

    Visit the home which has been restored to reenact the atmosphere of August 1941, where poetess Marina Tsvetayeva spent the last days of her life.

  • Nadezhda Durova Estate Museum 

    • 15:00
    • Yelabuga, 123 Moskovskaya St

    The museum located within the walls of a noble 19th century manor is dedicated to the history of the life of the cavalry-maid hero who participated in the Patriotic War of 1812.

  • The House-Museum of Ivan Shishkin 

    • 16:00
    • Yelabuga, 12 Naberezhnaya St

    Take a look at a place with a restored atmosphere of provincial merchant life, surrounded by which the great artist spent his childhood and youth

  • Vladimir Bekhterev Museum of District Medicine 

    • 17:00
    • Yelabuga, 111а Neftyannikov St

    The interiors of the village doctor’s house, the office of the county physician, the pharmacy, operating rooms and q clinic for the mentally ill can all be seen at the only museum of provincial doctors and country medicine in Russia.

  • Yelabuga Gorodishche 

    • 18:00
    • Yelabuga, 2г Prospekt Mira

    The former stronghold of the Eastern Kama Bolgars and the setting of many legends, featuring a panoramic view of Yelabuga.

  • Gorky Park 

    • 21:00
    • Kazan, Nikolaya Ershova St

    Musical fountains, curious squirrels, as well as bicycle and rollerblade hire.

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