A Day in Kazan. Version 2

Dwell into the history and culture of Kazan through museums and city streets and get to know the traditional and modern gastronomy of the region

  • 10 hours 6,2 km 8 objects
  • Zhavoronok 

    • 9:00
    • Kazan, 7 Astronomicheskaya St

    Rare types of coffee, gadgets for creating your own coffee masterpieces at home and a comfy place to hang out or catch up on emails.

  • Soviet Lifestyle Museum 

    • 10:00
    • Kazan, 6 Universitetskaya St

    A museum where you won’t see any ‘Do Not Touch’ signs — check out anything and everything on display here. Travel to the Soviet past through this ‘time machine’ of a museum with the help of old Soviet toys, clothing and everyday household items.

  • Museum "The city Panorama" 

    • 11:30
    • Kazan, 7 Dzherzhinskogo St

    Modern technologies and detailed mock ups of the city of the 16th, 18th and 21st centuries will show you the eventful history of the 1,000 year-old city of Kazan.

  • Chernoye Ozero 

    • 12:30
    • Kazan, intersection of Streets Dzherzhinskogo and Lobachevskogo

    An old city park with a Lover Arch, a modern children’s playground and a sports and workout zone.

  • State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan 

    • 14:00
    • Kazan, 64 K.Marksa St

    Icons from Sviyazhsk, artworks by Ivan Shishkin and Nicolai Feshin as well as 25,000 other works of art, all collected inside the former residence of General A.G. Sandetsky.

  • Chak-Chak Museum 

    • 16:00
    • Kazan, 18а Parizhskoi Kommuny St

    A privately-owned museum which will give you a full immersion into the everyday life of 19th century Kazan Tatars.

  • Old Tatar Quarter 

    • 17:00
    • Kazan, Kayuma Nasyri St

    The pre-revolutionary centre of social and religious life of the Kazan Tatars, where mosques and apartment houses of the 17th — early 20th centuries have been preserved. Do not forget to visit Kunche Street — the shortest street in Kazan.

  • Tatarskaya Usadba 

    • 18:00
    • Kazan, 8 Shigabutdina Mardzhani St

    A restaurant with a wood burning oven, used to prepare Tatar and European dishes. Make sure you try the Tatar goose jerky.

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