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A Day in Tetyushi

Take a walk around the old merchant city of Tetyushi, visit the Molostov Manor, and see Kazan from a birds-eye view

  • 11 hours 5 objects
  • Les 

    • 10:00
    • Kazan, 69 Prospekt Pobedy

    A real forest within the city with paved paths, a children’s playground-labyrinth and coffee with fresh croissants.

  • Yasmin 

    • 14:00
    • Tetyushi, 19 K Libknekhta St

    Take a look inside the cozy cafe with a large selection of traditional home cooked dishes.

  • Dolgaya Polyana 

    • 15:00
    • Tetyushi, 21 Solnechnaya St

    Here you’ll find the best view of the two abnormal glades — Lysaya (‘Bald’) and Kammenaya (‘Stone’) as you get acquainted with the mysterious phenomena and zones before you go on to learn about a love story for the ages, in the noble Molostov Manor.

  • Molostov Manor 

    • 16:00
    • Tetyushi, 21 Solnchnaya St, Dolgaya Polyana

    A historical monument, which was once home to the last members of the Molostov family. The manor is surrounded by alleys of rare trees and a State Nature Reserve.

  • Top Hop 

    • 18:30
    • Kazan, 36 Bauman st.; 2 Meridian st.

    Juicy burgers, 39 types of beer available on tap and 250 kinds of bottled craft beer from breweries of Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, USA and Russia.

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